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Overview of all our Crystallization Plates

24 Well Plates

  • Linbro Plate
    Sterile 24 well tissue culture plate - also suitable for hanging-drop crystallization
  • SuperClear™ Plates
    24 well hanging-drop crystallization plates from Crystalgen - available ungreased & greased
  • ComboPlates™ and CrystalBridges™
    Universal 24 Well Plate with Lid for Crystallography from Greiner Bio-One - available ungreased & greased

48 Well Plates

  • MRC Maxi Plate
    An optimization plate in 48-well format, designed by the MRC Cambridge

96 Well Plates

Lipidic Cubic Phase Plates and Mixer Kit

  • In-Meso Plate
    Crystallization plate with monoolein-coated protein wells for CIMP (controlled in meso phase) crystallization of membrane proteins
  • IMISX™ Plate
    96 well plate for in meso in situ serial X-ray crystallography from MiTeGen
  • LCP Glass Sandwich Set
    96 well glass plate for in meso crystallization of membrane proteins from Paul Marienfeld GmbH
  • Lipidic Cubic Phase Screening Kit
    Ready to use plate - robotically adaptable - for lipidic cubic phase crystallization by SWISSCI
  • LCP Mixer Kit
    For convenient manual preparation of the Lipidic Cubic Phase (LCP)

Microbatch Plates

  • MRC Under Oil Plate
    96 well plate from SWISSCI - ideal for both nanoliter crystallization screening and microliter optimization
  • Terasaki Plates
    60 well and 72 well microassay plates from Greiner Bio-One
  • Vapor Batch Plates
    96 well microbatch & sitting drop plate from Douglas Instruments


  • Cover Slides & Grease
    Unsiliconized and siliconized cover slides for hanging drop, sitting drop or sandwich drop set-ups
  • Sealing Tape
    Sealants for macromolecular crystallization set ups: sealing tape for sitting drop, and grease for the hanging drop technique