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Oct 15, 2018
HEC-21 and Murnau Conference Pictures
In September we attended HEC-21 meeting and Murnau Conference. View our picture gallery here and download Christin's talks here!
Oct 12, 2018
XtalTool – The All-in-One Tool for sensitive Crystals
The XtalTool is used in all steps from crystallization, ligand soaking and data collection without any direct crystal handling. Learn how it works!
Sep 26, 2018
Expression and Crystallization of Plant Proteins from LEXSY
Want to express plant proteins, but E. coli expression doesn't work? Click below for successful examples of expression, crystallization and structure elucidation of plant proteins from LEXSY!
Sep 24, 2018
4-Seleno-dTTP: NGS-based mapping of m6A-modified RNA sites
4SedTTP permits the identification of methylated adenosines
  • at single nucleotide resolution
  • without antibodies
  • in an NGS-based approach
How it works:

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