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CrystalEX™ Microplates

High Performance Microplates for Automated Crystal Screening

  • Designed for high throughput screens using the sitting-drop crystallization method
  • Feature large reservoir wells with corresponding protein wells
  • Manufactured from an advanced optically clear polymer

Key Benefits
  • Easier microscopic crystal viewing with the high clarity wells
  • Minimal protein and reagent volume loss due to the low water absorption and high chemical resistance properties of the polymer
  • Efficient vapour space for crystal growth with novel well design
  • Automation-friendly design is compatible with imaging systems and liquid handling equipment

Key Features of the Corning® CrystalEX Microplates

Corning® 3773Corning® 3785
Protein well shapeConical bottomFlat bottom
Protein well volume10 µl7 µl
Protein well dimensions (top/bottom)3 mm3 mm / 1.5 mm
Protein well depth3.1 mm3.1 mm
Reagent well volume210 µl210 µl
Recommended reagent working volume25 to 150 µl25 to 150 µl