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RNA/DNA Preparation & Cleanup

In this section we offer a wider range of RNA & DNA Preparation Kits either solution based or based on column cleanup. From classical Miniprep Kits to kits for nucleic acid preparation from specific source material like blood, plants or bacteria - the choice is up to you!

DNA Preparation and Cleanup Kits remove impurities of PCR reaction mixes (e.g. primer dimers, primers, nucleotides, proteins, salt, agarose, ethidium bromide) based on silica-membrane technology. Purification of linear and circular DNA (100 bp to 10 kb) without organic extractions is achieved.

SAP-Exo Kit removes excess primers and dNTPs within 15 minutes. The kit is specially recommended to clean-up PCR products for subsequent applications like sequencing, genotyping, cloning or SNP analysis.


Magnetic bead-based DNA Purification