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Lipidic Cubic Phase Screening Kit


The Lipidic Cubic Phase Crystallizations (LCP) kit facilitates the automation and increased throughput of LCP crystallization set-ups. This novel system enables LCP screening to be performed accurately and with ease - using manual - or automated systems to complete the delivery of the solutions.


  • developed by scientists from MRC and SWISSCI AG
  • the ready to use the plate fits laboratory robotics
  • SBS standard
  • unique polymer to ensure that UV visualization is not compromised by polarization
  • easy sealing with dry tabbed adhesive tape exposure and thin UVP cover film
  • unique low tack plate security allows for the sandwich plate to be removed from the base plate when required - in-situ X-ray data collection and structure determination is then enabled


Box of 20 plates

The product comprises a base plate with low tack 700 micron thickness slide and top sealing tape of 100 microns - a brown ready to remove cover sheet and separate 200 micron UVP cover film with protective dust cover. The kit is completed with a SWISSCI plate leveling device.