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Contamination & Controls

Welcome to our broad range of Contamination & Control products designed to ensure the integrity and reliability of various processes and applications. Our commitment to quality assurance and precision drives the development of specialized solutions that address critical concerns in different domains.

Food Control
We developed our Meat Detect product line to enable our clients to test for contamination of a wide variety of meat samples with pork or horse meat. It comes in different combinations and was throughly tested for samples ranging from pure meat samples to strongly processed food.

Cell Culture Control
Control your cultures with our Mycoplasma Decetion Kit - reliable and easy to handle.

Nuclease Detection
You want to ensure your solutions and products are free from contaminating nuclease activity? We have the perfect kits for this! Test either for RNases and DNases in one go or for DNase alone with our highly sensitive and straightforward assays.

PCR Control
Here you find high quality template DNA to control your PCR reactions with a suitable positive control.