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96 Well Micro-Dialysis Plate

The disposable Diaplate from SWISSCI is a 96 well micro-dialysis plate ideal for the desalting of protein from very small volumes of up to a maximum of 3.2 µl. The sample solution is pipetted into each of the 96 wells with up to 0.35 ml dialysis solution on the opposite side used for exchange. The Diaplate is ANSI/SLAS 1-2004 standards providing high throughput use with robotic dispensing. Dialysis is recommended for 2-3 hours and then the dialysis buffer is changed being left for another 2-3 hours to achieve over 90% exchange. Further dialysis steps can be carried out as required. Incubation, rocking table for speed and moisture chamber for full humidification can be applied to the experiment if desired.
Each of the 96 wells has a separate regenerated cellulose membrane inside meaning no cross contamination or leakage between wells. The Swissci Diaplate comes as standard with a MWCO of 10 kDa, others are available upon request.

The Diaplate Kit includes:

  • Diaplate with 200 Micron Pressure Adhesive Spacer
  • 200 Micron UVP Cover Film
  • Engraved UV Protective Cover
  • Sealing Paddle


  • Protein and peptide purification/concentration
  • Variation of crystallisation conditions for crystal growth
  • Removal of dyes after protein labelling
  • Electroelution of proteins
  • Protein and DNA desalting/buffer exchange
  • Protein in vitro translation
  • Glycoprotein modification and engineering
  • Enzyme activity/binding assays/detergent removal