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Crystallization Optimization: Chemical Environment

Kits and screens to increase protein solubility and stability prior to crystallization as well as screens to optimize the chemical composition of your crystallization reagents, i.e. buffer pH, precipitant and additive composition.

Crystallization Stock Solutions

  • Crystallization Stock Solutions
    Use the same chemicals as utilized in the JBScreen family to ensure maximum reproducibility of your experiments. Crystallization Stock Solutions are ready for use: the concentration is adjusted and salts are sterile filtered.

Solubility & Stability Pre-Screens

  • JBScreen Thermofluor
    Determine a protein stabilizing environment by strictly categorizing screening into fundamental and specific factors.

Additive Screen

  • JBScreen Plus
    Additive screens that focus on small molecules which interfere with sample-sample and sample-solvent interactions, mainly based on chaotropic and kosmotropic properties.

Crystallization Buffers