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Specimen Storage and Shipping

Cryo-EM Puck Starter Kit

Kit Contents:
7 Cryo-EM Pucks
1 Shelved Puck Shipping Cane, holds 7 Cryo-EM Pucks (blue, CX100 Compatible)
1 Shelved Storage Cane, holds 10 Cryo-EM Pucks (HC34 Compatible)
1 Angled Cryo-Tongs
1 Protective Storage Case
Custom engraving of each puck

Cryo-EM Pucks

The Cryo-EM puck has 12 wells for round Cryo Grid Boxes. It accomodates pin type lid style Grid Boxes (1 per well) or boxes with flat-style lids (2 per well). Each puck has a unique alpha-numeric code for easy identification and indexed wells for sample tracking. The special tweezer slots allow easy and secure removal of Cryo Grid Boxes.

Cryo-EM Pucks Generation 2.0

The 2nd generation of cryo-EM pucks has enhanced features, which make them superior to other cryo-EM pucks on the market. They contain magnets in the bottom of the pucks for strong puck retention but easy removal from the shelves of shipping and storage canes. A front grabbing tong location for Cryo-EM Puck Grasping Tongs makes puck handling even more secure. Custom 2D barcoding and puck serialization allow advanced sample tracking, a multi-color option completes sample organization and tracking. As the standard cryo-EM pucks, the 2nd generation has 12 numbered well locations with easy-access tweezer notches for pin type lid style Grid Boxes (1 per well) or boxes with flat-style lids (2 per well).

Cryo-EM Grid Boxes

Compatible with common Cryo-EM sample mounting and storage devices, the Swissci Cryo-EM grid box offers secure Cryo-EM sample storage.
The round Cryo-EM grid box, made from an anti-static polymer, has four diamond-shaped slot positions that each hold one Cryo-EM grid. The grid box can be labeled either with the included and uniquely numbered cryo label or any other cryo label/marker. The Cryo-EM samples can be identified by the unique grid box label and the slot position (I-IIII) indicated on the side of the box. Up to 12 Swissci Cryo-EM grid boxes can be stored together in a Cryo-EM Puck.