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In Vitro (cell-free) LEXSY

The In Vitro LEXSY translation system is a NEW rapid, convenient, flexible and cost efficient tool for cell-free production of recombinant proteins for biochemical, biophysical and structural analysis.

The LEXSY cell extract for in vitro translation contains functional ribosomes and all essential components of the eukaryotic translation and folding machinery. For target mRNA generation the heterologous T7 RNA polymerase was added to the extracts. To ensure a low background the translation of endogenous host mRNAs is efficiently blocked by an antisense oligonucleotide making use of the unique gene organization of Leishmania.

DNA templates can be generated by cloning into a plasmid or by PCR amplification. The plasmid-based version was designed for high yield in vitro translation whereas the PCR-based version allows high-throuput applications.

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