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Ready-to-Use Lyophilisates are delivered in PCR reaction tube strips or 96-well plates preloaded with a complete master mix in a dry, room temperature stable format. Facilitate handling with ready-to-use lyophilisates: no need for freezing, thawing or pipetting on ice and the few remaining pipetting steps minimize the risk of errors or contaminations.

Freeze-dryed mixes are stable at ambient temperatures and significantly reduce contamination risk, turnaround time and total costs.

We also offer the development, optimization and scale-up of custom-specific lyophilisates.

If you’re interested in our custom lyophilisation services, please contact us directly at molbio@jenabioscience.com !

Lyophilisation service of Jena Bioscience at a glance


  • adaptation of in-house lyophilisates to customized applications
  • modification of liquid custom-established assays for lyophilisation
  • optimization of the lyophilisation process to improve product functionality, stability and appearance

  • addition of custom-synthesized primers and internal/positive control DNA
  • up-scaling from small batch sizes to several thousand assay per batch
  • highly efficient cryo- and lyoprotectors with minimal influence on PCR available

  • lyophilisation of PCR mixes in single PCR tubes, 8-well tube strips, 96-well plates or custom-specific formats
  • thermosealing into aluminium composite foil according to individual demands
  • custom labeling

Ready-to-Use Lyophilisates containing custom primers are custom made master mix lyophilisates comprising primers, polymerase, dNTPs and reaction buffer. Provide us with primer sequence and we deliver preloaded PCR tubes and plates ready-made for your special application. The only thing you still have to do is adding template DNA, filling up with water and starting the cycler!