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AxyGem™ Plate & Lid

The AxyGem™ Crystallography Plate is made of optically clear polystyrene to enable precise crystal visualization. The buffer well has a novel D-shape geometry located on the right, with the elevated round shape protein well located to its left. This plate can be filled manually with pipetters or with automated liquid handling workstations. The plate is sealed with commercially available clear adhesive seals, such as the UltraClear™ film.

  • SBS standard 96-well sitting-drop vapor diffusion crystallization plate
  • 96 buffer wells (max. volume of 250 µl) and one adjacent protein well (max. volume 4.3 µl)
  • Compatible with manual pipetters and automated robotic equipments
  • Resistant to organic solvents
  • Reduced polarization
  • Bar-coding option

  • The AxyPearl™ Lid is a high-throughput hanging drop vapor diffusion crystallography lid with 192-indentations. Printed grids around each of the indentations significantly improve crystal detection. Specifically designed channels around each of the 192 indentations allow for airtight sealing with silicone grease.
    Each of the 96 positions is identified by lettered rows A through H and numbered columns 1 through 12.