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Solubility & Stability Screens

Since there is no such thing as a standard buffer for all proteins, success of purification and downstream processing of a particular protein of interest greatly depends on identification of a buffer environment that facilitates the protein's stability & homogeneity in solution. Thus, in most labs it has become routine to search for stabilizing conditions before starting time-consuming crystallization experiments. Choose your favorite from a number of screens.


Antibody formulation screen with 96 FDA- and EMA-approved conditions as starting points to develop preformulations for new therapeutic and diagnostic antibody candidates.

JBScreen Thermofluor

Determine a protein stabilizing environment by strictly categorizing screening into fundamental and specific factors.

JBS Solubility Kit

Optimize the solubility of your protein sample prior to crystallization trials.

JBScreen Solubility HTS

High throughput protein solubility screen to find optimal buffer conditions for crystallization and storage of your protein.