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Raw materials for mRNA production

Jena Bioscience is an original manufacturer of premium quality nucleotides for mRNA production. We manufacture in Germany according to international standards of a DIN ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management System.

Our therapeutic (THR) product line is the ideal choice if you are looking for bulk amounts of ultrapure nucleotides for proof of concept, process development and preclinial studies.

Accompanying documentation: Certificate of Analysis (CoA), Certificate of Origin (CoO) and Country of Origin certificate


Cap Analogs & Modified Nucleotides

ProductPurityCat. No.AmountPrice (EUR)
ARCA Cap Analog≥ 99% (RP-HPLC)NU-855-THR-11 ml (100 mM) Request a Quote
NU-855-THR-1010 ml (100 mM)
NU-855-THR-100100 ml (100 mM)
NU-855-THR-CSTMcustom specific bulk amount
N1-Methylpseudo-UTP≥ 99% (RP-HPLC)NU-890-THR-11 ml (100 mM) Request a Quote
NU-890-THR-1010 ml (100 mM)
NU-890-THR-100100 ml (100 mM)
NU-890-THR-CSTMcustom specific bulk amount
Pseudo-UTP≥ 99% (RP-HPLC)NU-1139-THR-11 ml (100 mM) Request a Quote
NU-1139-THR-1010 ml (100 mM)
NU-1139-THR-100100 ml (100 mM)
NU-1139-THR-CSTMcustom specific bulk amount