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Additive Screens

JBScreen Plus is an additive screen most useful in the optimization of preliminary crystallization conditions. The selection of the additives is based on the Hofmeister series, which reflects the ability of ions to stabilize the structure of proteins. Thus ions can be classified as either kosmotropic or chaotropic. The first having structure stabilizing properties, thus they may assist in, e.g. crystallizing proteins with a high proportion of flexible loop regions. The latter show structure disturbing properties which may assist in the crystallization of large complexes allowing them to re-arrange to form favorable crystal contacts.

JBScreen Plus consists of 5 individual kits, JBScreen Plus Kosmotropic, JBScreen Plus Chaotropic, JBScreen Plus Salts, JBScreen Plus Additives and JBScreen Plus Volatiles, containing 24 different additives each. The ready-to-use reagents are supplied in 1 ml aliquots.

The 96 solutions of JBScreen Plus HTS, comprising the reagents of the kosmotropic, chaotropic, salts and additive kit, are supplied in a sterile deep well block containing 1 ml per well.


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