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Sealing Tape

HD Clear™ Sealing Tape

The ideal sealant for sitting drop crystallization plates, available in standard (1.88 inches wide) or extra wide (3 inches).

Greiner VIEWseal™

VIEWseal™ is ideally suited for sealing protein crystallization plates. The pressure-sensitive silicon coating will only adhere where pressure is applied. It is optically transparent, even in the UV range (<340 nm), and has a very low autofluorescence.

UVXPO Sealing Sheets

SWISSCI’s UVXPO Sealing sheets are a 50 μm film with 50 μm inert encapsulated silicone adhesive. They are optically clear, with minimal to no auto-fluorescence (UV compatible), and are especially suited for protein crystallization and qPCR applications.