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Sealing - Sealing Tape

HD Clear™ Sealing Tape

The ideal sealant for sitting drop crystallization plates, available in standard (1.88 inches wide) or extra wide (3 inches).

UVP Hanging Drop MRC Plate Seal (SWISSCI)

The new revolutionary Swissci AG Hanging Drop Crystallisation Plate Seal comes ready to use with dust free protective coating and specialty polymer base.
The Seals accommodate up to 3 separate drops of protein and fit the standard 2 drop - or 3 drop MRC plates. The product has a 100 micron thin layer of UVP specialty polymer developed for compact drop creation and ability to shoot X ray without any noticeable diffraction.

Greiner VIEWseal™

VIEWseal™ is ideally suited for sealing protein crystallization plates. The pressure-sensitive silicon coating will only adhere where pressure is applied. It is optically transparent, even in the UV range (<340 nm), and has a very low autofluorescence.

Axygen UltraClear™ Sealing Film

The UltraClear™ film is precut to completely fit 96- and 384- well crystallization plates or microplates. The endtabs of the seal are perforated to facilitate positioning while eliminating fingerprints, which could interfere with optical clarity or view field.

Axygen CyclerSeal Sealing Film

CyclerSeal for sealing multi-well plates.