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Recombinant GTP Signal Transduction Proteins

The term GTPase, GTP-binding protein - or simply G-protein - is used for enzymes that are involved in cellular signal transduction by utilizing the nucleotide GTP. They consist of 2 major subgroups called *Heterotrimeric G-proteins* and *Small GTPases*, and their activities are modulated by GEFs and GAPs in a cycling fashion (see figure below).
Traditionally, measuring the activation state of a small GTPase in vivo (i.e. the GTPase-GDP/GTP levels) required tedious 32P-labelling of cells, enzyme isolation and HPLC of bound GDP and GTP.

All antibodies are recommended for Western Blot, Immunohistochemistry, Immunofluoerescence, Immunoprecipitation (IP) and ELISA.

Simplified Illustration of GTP Signal Transduction - find out more by clicking on the icons

Protein Prenyl TransferasesGTPase Cycle EffectorsSmall GTPasesGEFsSmall GTPases