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Cryo and Room Temperature Crystallography

Jena Bioscience distributes MiTeGen's innovative crystallography products.


Goniometer Bases

Discover MiTeGen's goniometer bases: standard, barcoded and reusable

Magnetic CryoVials

SPINE standard CryoVials

Mount-Base-Vial Assemblies

Ready-to-use assemblies for cryocrystallography. These consist of your choice of a magnetic goniometer base (cap), and your choice of crystal mounts/loops

Cryo Tools

Easy handling of crystals at cryogenic temperatures

MicroRT™ Tubing and MicroRT™ Aligner

The MicroRT™ Tubing and our new MicroRT™ Aligner make room temperature mounting a breeze and will help you save precious crystals

Oils and Grease

Low and high viscosity oils and vacuum grease for room temperature measurements and cryogenic applications

Crystallography Starter Kits

MiTeGen offers a variety of Starter Kits to help get you started - these are great tool kits for training new students or technicians