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Inducible (Episomal) LEXSY

The episomal inducible 4th generation of LEXSY makes use of amplification and oligomerisation of expression plasmids maintained extrachromosomally as self-replicating episomes in the LEXSY host cells, providing enhanced number of target gene copies for transcription by T7 RNA polymerase.

It was shown for a number of proteins, that the episomal inducible expression achieved 5 - 10-fold higher yields than integrative inducible expression. High expression strains are obtained by clonal selection and screening which is based on fluorescence intensity resulting from the co-expressed BleCherry, egfp or Ds-red genes. Primary screening on solid media can be performed in daylight since the colours are visible by eye.


Each kit contains:

  • pLEXSY_IE expression vector of choice
  • LEXSY host T7-TR as glycerol stocks
  • all components for preparation of 1 L LEXSY BHI medium
  • all selective antibiotics for 1 L medium
  • primer sets for insert sequencing
  • an easy-to-follow manual, see PDF file in "Downloads"

All components of the kit are available also separately.
Download the LEXSY vector map and sequence at:

We also provide all the molecular tools required for the construction of expression plasmids, such as