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Next Generation CrystalEX™ Microplates

Product Design

These 96 well sitting drop format plates have a basic design where one reagent well is flanked by either one, three, or five protein wells, with SBS-standard spacing between the centers of adjacent well "clusters". Five different protein well shapes are available:

Advantages of the new Corning Crystallography Plates

  • Options include 1, 3 or 5 protein wells per reagent well
  • Choice of round, flat, or conical flat well shapes
  • Available in two materials, including a proprietary zero polarization polymer
  • Improved transparency
  • Reservoir numbers are embossed on each individual well for easy identification
  • Protein well locations conform to SBS standards for robotic handling
  • Low volume reagent reservoir saves on reagent costs
The image on the right shows an example of the 3:1 plate (three protein wells, one reagent well).

Technical data

Corning Item #Protein Well SizeProtein Well Shape# of Protein WellsMaterialTreated
35564 µlRound1COCNo
35514 µlConical flat1COCYes
35522 µlRound3PZeroNo
35532 µlConical flat3PZeroNo
35552 µlConical flat – crystal basin3PZeroNo
35571 µlConical flat – crystal basin5PZeroNo
35501 µlConical flat3PZeroNo