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dsRNA detection

Double-stranded (ds)RNA formation is a hallmark of viral infections that is essential for the induction of innate immunity. dsRNA is also involved in gene silencing and produced as side product during in vitro transription-based RNA synthesis. Anti-dsRNA monoclonal antibodies are efficient tools for the detection of dsRNA in cell culture & tissues such as FFPE samples as well as in vitro transcribed (m)RNA preparations [1-7] (Tab. 1) e.g.

  • for characterization & detection of viruses with dsRNA genomes or intermediates (including SARS, Hepatitis C, Dengue or West Nile Virus).
  • as diagnostic tool for determination whether an unknown pathogen is of viral or bacterial origin.
  • for quality control of in vitro transcribed (m)RNA preparations.

Table 1: Overview on available dsRNA detection products

ProductDescriptionApplicationSelection guide
Anti-dsRNA monoclonal antibody J2Mouse, IgG2a, kappa light chain

ELISA, IF, FACS, IHC, IP, Dot Blot, ChIP, affinity purification, immunoelectron microscopy
Gold standard for dsRNA detection
Recommended for quality control of in vitro transcribed (m)RNA
Anti-dsRNA monoclonal antibody K1Mouse, IgG2a, kappa light chainRecommended for Poly I:C detection
J2 alternative in case of cross reactions

Anti-dsRNA monoclonal antibody K2

Mouse, IgM, kappa light chain

ELISA, IHC, Dot Blot
Isotype alternative to J2 & K1
Recommended for (Sandwich-) ELISA
dsRNA 142 bpsynthetic dsRNAPositive control for Anti-dsRNA monoclonal antibodies J2, K1 and K2 n/a

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