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Crystal Direct™ Plate

The CrystalDirect™ plate is an ideal support for in situ and serial data collection experiments and is particularly well suited for work with microcrystals where low background scattering is essential. An ultrathin top sealing film is also provided to further reduce background scattering.

In situ X-ray Diffraction
The CrystalDirect™ plate is a 96-well vapor diffusion crystallization plate that uses an ultrathin film as crystallization support (25 micron and lower). It provides extremely low x-ray background for diffraction measurements and high transparency to both visible and UV light for drop inspection.

Automated Crystal Harvesting
The CrystalDirect™ plate is compatible with standard crystallization robots and imagers. Furthermore, in combination with the CrystalDirect™ harvester robot they enable fully automated crystal harvesting and cryocooling.

Nonsaleable to USA and Japan! Please contact MiTeGen for distributor information.