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Real-Time PCR

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New products & catalog numbers!

Try our new qPCR master mixes recommended for routine PCR applications, high throughput PCR or genotyping! They are optimized regarding specificity and sensitivity when amplifying low-copy-number targets or working with complex backgrounds.

The mixes contain all required reagents in a premixed 2x concentrated ready-touse solution.

All GreenMaster mixes allow High Resolution Melting (HRM) curve analysis subsequent to the PCR.

ProductPrevious Cat.-No.New Cat.-No.
qPCR ProbesMasterPCR-311PCR-360
qPCR ProbesMaster lowROXPCR-315PCR-361
qPCR ProbesMaster highROXPCR-312PCR-362
qPCR ProbesMaster UNGPCR-301PCR-363
qPCR ProbesMaster UNG lowROXPCR-305PCR-364
qPCR ProbesMaster UNG highROXPCR-302PCR-365
qPCR GreenMasterPCR-313PCR-366
qPCR GreenMaster lowROXPCR-316PCR-367
qPCR GreenMaster highROXPCR-314PCR-368
qPCR GreenMaster UNGPCR-303PCR-369
qPCR GreenMaster UNG lowROXPCR-306PCR-370
qPCR GreenMaster UNG highROXPCR-304PCR-371