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Real-Time PCR

In our quantitative realtime PCR section we offer you a selection of liquid master mixes and freeze-dried mixes, dual labelled probes and other supplements.

All our master mixes contain polymerases and in house produced nucleotides of highest quality. Master mixes based on the detection with SYBR® Green (an intercalating dye) are most useful for setting up Singleplex reactions, whereas our Duplex or even Multiplex Mixes are based on the usage of dual labelled probes (TaqMan® Detection) and are optimized for highly specific, simultaneous detection of multiple targets.

From crude extract to quantitative analysis – this can be reached fastest by our direct amplification master mixes which come along with an extraction buffer compatible to the subsequent qPCR.

You are interested in freeze dried master mixes to avoid cooling chains and storage issues – check out our lyophilised qPCR ProbesMaster or qPCR SybrMaster.

You need more than the standard package size or only single components of our systems? Get in contact with us to discuss customization from bulk filling to OEM production (molbio@jenabioscience.com).


Real-Time PCR Selector
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