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JBScreen PEG/Salt

JBScreen PEG/Salt is an effective reagent kit designed for initial screening of crystallization conditions of biological macromolecules.

It comprises high-purity PEG 3350 and PEG 5000 MME, each combined with 48 different salts, thus covering a range of anions and cations most frequently used in bio-crystallography. The unique combination of the reagents allows screening of PEG versus ionic strength, ion type and pH.


Bulk – 24 or 96 screening solutions in 10 ml aliquots
HTS – 96 screening solutions delivered in a deep-well block, 1.7 ml per well


Individual Conditions of all screens are available in 10 ml as well as 100 ml volumes.

Selected Literature Citations of JBScreen PEG/Salt

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