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JBScreen LCP

JBScreen LCP is a crystallization screen designed for efficient screening of crystallization conditions in the Lipidic Cubic Phase (LCP), which has become the method of choice for membrane protein crystallization in different types of LCP lipids.
The 96 conditions of JBScreen LCP result from data mining of 192 integral membrane proteins, that were successfully crystallized by the in meso method and have yielded structures [1].
The screen is ordered by type and concentration of the precipitant and is free of cacodylate.

Cartoon representation of the events proposed to take place during the crystallization of an integral membrane protein from the lipid cubic mesophase. Image from [1], used by courtesy of Prof. Martin Caffrey, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.


Bulk – 4 x 24 screening solutions in 10 ml aliquots
HTS – 96 screening solutions delivered in a deep-well block, 1.7 ml per well


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[1] Caffrey (2015) A comprehensive review of the lipid cubic phase or in meso method for crystallizing membrane and soluble proteins and complexes. Acta Cryst F 71:3.