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JBScreen Classic

JBScreen Classic is a crystallization kit designed for efficient and flexible screening of crystallization conditions for proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, macromolecular complexes and water-soluble small molecules.

The JBScreen Classic Kits 1-10 cover 240 of the most prominent buffers for protein crystallization. Their compositions result from data mining of several thousands of crystallized proteins. JBScreen Classic represents the statistically most successful buffers that yielded protein crystals suitable for X-ray diffraction.

The JBScreen Classic buffers are principally ordered by type and concentration of the precipitant. This allows easy extraction of all relevant information and is already a first step to a refinement: Once you get a hit, you immediately see the effects of the neighbouring conditions. Subsequent fine tuning of preliminary hits will be much more efficient.

JBScreen Classic comprises 10 kits of 24 unique reagents in the standard 10 ml bulk format.

JBScreen Classic HTS I+II contains the formulations of the JBScreen system, adopted to fit the 96-well format for high throughput crystallization applications. Each JBScreen Classic HTS deep-well block is pre-filled with 96 sterile conditions at 1.7 ml each.


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