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Biotin & Digoxigenin PCR Labeling Kits

Labeled DNA probes e.g. for in situ hybridization (ISH) are routinely prepared via PCR if template amounts are limited or amplification of specific DNA fragments is required.

We offer High Fidelity PCR Labeling Kits ...

  • … for both Biotin & Digoxigenin and fluorescent labeling
  • … suitable for preparation of both short (>100 bp) and long DNA probes (up to 4 kbp tested) due to a High Fidelity Polymerase blend consisting of Taq polymerase and a proofreading enzyme.
  • … with convenient configurations for application-specific assay optimization such as single nucleotide format for optimization of labeled dUTP/dTTP ratio and a positive control reaction (amplification of 500 bp fragment).

The combination of (poly)-HRP-conjugated Biotin/Digoxigenin detection reagents with labeled tyramide further increases detection sensitivity of up to 100-fold.