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Intrinsically Fluorescent Guanosines

Our compact, low molecular weight intrinsically fluorescent nucleotides combine fluorescence with close mimicry of the properties of natural nucleotides in respect of protein binding and interaction. They display environmentally sensitive fluorescence and therefore give strong signals upon a binding event which makes them perfect probes for stopped-flow and equilibrium analysis. The Mant-fluorophore is a commonly used FRET-probe in combination with Tryptophan or Tyrosin residues of the protein of interest.


[nm][nm][L*mmol-1 *cm-1]
2',3'-TNP...47055218.5Historically the first fluorescent analogs used as substrates for G-proteins and ATP binding proteins. Also available as pyrimidine probes.
2',3'-Mant...3554485.8"THE CLASSICS" for small GTPases, heterotrimeric G-proteins, GPCRs, and motor protein kinetics. Small MW and environmentally sensitive fluorescence. FRET-probe for protein-intrinsic Tyr and Trp residues.
2',3'-Ant...3324234.6Substitute for Mant-probes. Specific for tubulin, dynein, CaM, and disulfide isomerase. FRET-probe for protein-intrinsic Tyr and Trp residues.
ε-ATP...3004156.0Commonly used substrate of motor proteins, kinases, and other ATP binding proteins.
3053708.0Fluorescent analog of ATP and/or GTP.

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