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MicroMeshes™ SPINE

Each box contains 20 MicroMesh™ Mounts precision-attached to nonmagnetic SPINE standard pins.

MicroMesh™ Mounts are the tool of choice for microcrystal crystallography and diffraction experiments, especially at microfocus beamlines. They have been used in de novo protein structure determination from crystals as small as 5 μm.
They are excellent for rod shaped crystals, and in particular are superior to mounts with elliptical apertures, because the mesh provides continuous, gentle support for rods of all sizes.
MicroMeshes produce the smallest background scatter of any commercial mount. Their sieve-like action allows easy retrieval of sub-30 μm crystals.

We offer five different size MicroMeshes. All are 10 μm thick and are curved around the same nonmagnetic stainless steel pins used for MicroMounts, producing the same scoop-like action.
The first three have a 400 μm mesh area with openings of 10, 25 and 50 μm, respectively. The fourth has a 700 μm diameter mesh area with 25 μm openings. The fifth MicroMesh Mount has an 80 μm diameter mesh area with 15 μm openings.

For all sizes, the distance from the pin base to the center of the crystal aperture is precisely 18.5 mm and compatible with the SPINE standard. The length tolerance of the pins is 0.3 mm only.
They are compatible with all standard X-ray hardware, and can be inserted in 0.7 mm mechanical pencils or micromanipulators for easy handling.

Nonsaleable to USA and Japan! Please contact MiTeGen for distributor information.


Please note: Other pin lengths, i.e. L11, L19 and L25, will be available upon request but may have significant lead times.