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Indexed MicroMeshes™ SPINE

Each box contains 20 Indexed MicroMesh mounts, attached to solid nonmagnetic stainless steel pins.

Indexed MicroMesh™ Mounts have all the features and advantages of regular MicroMesh™ Mounts for microcrystal crystallography and diffraction measurements, including the smallest background scatter of any commercial mount, and a sieve-like action that allows easy retrieval of sub-30 μm crystals.
Indexing makes it easier to locate (and then to relocate) a given crystal on the mount. Identify the most promising crystals on your home microscope, and then easily find them again on your microfocus source. Do a high magnification search at the beamline and then refind and shoot the best crystal, without having to zoom out.
Microcrystals from a given drop often have more than one crystalline form/packing, and the different forms may diffract to very different resolutions. Use high magnification to identify and shoot these different forms.

Three styles of indexed MicroMesh mounts, all with 25 μm mesh openings are offered.

The first two are based on MiTeGen's popular 400/25 MicroMesh Mount. The mesh area is divided into four quadrants, and additional diagonal tabs allow the front/back orientation of the mesh and a crystal's position on the mesh to be uniquely determined in only a 100 μm field of view. In style 400/25-IN1, the quadrants are numbered. In style 400/25-IN2, the numbers are replaced by 60 μm square apertures. Crystals suspended across these larger apertures can sometimes be easier to see.
The third style has a 300 μm mesh area divided into nine numbered 100 μm areas. The flat top of this mount makes it easier to scrape/scoop crystals off of the bottom of a well or coverslip.

For all sizes, the distance from the pin base to the center of the crystal aperture is precisely 18.5 mm and compatible with the SPINE standard. The length tolerance of the pins is 0.3 mm only.
They are compatible with all standard X-ray hardware, and can be inserted in 0.7 mm mechanical pencils or micromanipulators for easy handling.

Nonsaleable to USA and Japan! Please contact MiTeGen for distributor information.


Please note: Other pin lengths, i.e. L11, L19 and L25, will be available upon request but may have significant lead times.