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Dual-Thickness MicroLoops™ SPINE

Each box contains 20 Dual-Thickness MicroLoops™ precision-attached to nonmagnetic SPINE standard pins.

DT MicroLoops™ provide a superior tool in a familiar format for manipulating and mounting protein/small molecule crystals and many other small fragile samples.

They have circular sample aperture sizes of 50, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 800 and 1000 μm, available in single size boxes and 3 different assortments:

  • A4: 20 loops, 5 each of 50, 100, 150 and 200 μm
  • A5: 20 loops, 5 each of 300, 400, 500 and 600 μm
  • A6: 20 loops, 10 each of 800 and 1000 μm

Compared with conventional nylon loop mounts and with competing lithographically fabricated mylar loop mounts,
DT MicroLoops™ provide:

  • Much lower background X-ray scatter (roughly 1/3 that of mylar mounts).
  • Much more accurate and reproducible crystal positioning in the X-ray beam.
  • A more convenient and efficient scoop-like action in retrieving crystals that minimizes the chance of crystal loss or damage.
  • Excellent rigidity in the cryostream and during crystal retrieval.
For all sizes, the distance from the pin base to the center of the crystal aperture is precisely 18.5 mm and compatible with the SPINE standard. The length tolerance of the pins is 0.3 mm only. DT MicroLoops™ are compatible with all standard X-ray hardware, and can be inserted in 0.7 mm mechanical pencils or micromanipulators for easy handling.

Nonsaleable to USA and Japan! Please contact MiTeGen for distributor information.


Please note: Other pin lengths, i.e. L11, L19 and L25, will be available upon request but may have significant lead times.