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Tetrazine-containing Fluorescent Dyes

Tetrazine-containing fluorescent dyes are suitable for fluorescent labeling of Cyclooctene-labeled molecules via Cu-free Click Chemistry. Both Standard Dyes (e.g. Cy3 or Tamra) and novel Alternative Dyes have been thoroughly selected to cover the whole UV-Vis spectrum.

Two Tetrazine versions with different reactivities and stability characteristics are available to meet specific application requirements. Tetrazine reagents are the ideal choice if a rapid reaction kinetic is the key aspect whereas 6-Methyl-Tetrazine reagents are ideally suited if an improved chemical stability is required1.


Table 1: Available Tetrazine-containing Fluorescent Dyes

Dye 6-Methyl-Tetrazine Tetrazine Pyrimidyl-Tetrazine
green BDP-FL
also known as BODIPY® FL
5-Fluoresceine (5-FAM) 6-Methyl-Tetrazine-5-FAM Tetrazine-5-FAM
AF488 Pyrimidyl-Tetrazine-AF488
ATTO 488
ATTO 532 Tetrazine-ATTO-532 Pyrimidyl-Tetrazine-ATTO-532
yellow 5-TAMRA
Tetrazine-5-TAMRA Pyrimidyl-Tetrazine-5-TAMRA
Cy3 Pyrimidyl-Tetrazine-Cy3
(structural analog to Alexa Fluor®555)
red ATTO 643 Pyrimidyl-Tetrazine-ATTO-643
ATTO 647N Tetrazine-ATTO-647N
AF647 Pyrimidyl-Tetrazine-AF647

Selected References

[1] Karver et al. (2011) Synthesis and Evaluation of a Series of 1,2,4,5-Tetrazines for Bioorthogonal Conjugations. Am. Chem. Soc. 22:2263.