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Greiner VIEWseal™

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For general laboratory use.

Shipping: shipped at ambient temperature

Storage Conditions: store at ambient temperature
store at 50% relative humidity

Shelf Life: n/a

Description / Specification

Highly transparent film for precise optical measurements coated with a pressure-sensitive microencapsulated silicone adhesive, protected by a polyester liner. Double-perforated sides.
Recommended for PCR applications, sample storage and ideally suited for protein crystallography.

Total Length: 141,3 mm
Length between perforations: 120,7 mm
Width: 79,4 mm
Total Thickness of foil: 0,14 mm


Material / Resin
Foil: Polyolefine
Glue: silicone adhesive
Liner: polyester

Foil: optical clear
Glue: optical clear
Liner: white


Quality Control
Product-Control: testing of attributive and variable characteristics in accordance with the valid specification

Other Information
For single use only


Basic features
Free of detectable DNase/RNase, human DNA and pyrogens

Temperature range
-80°C to +110°C


Centrifugation, max. RCF

Chemical Resistance
Resistant to: methanol, hydrochloric acid (32%), sulphuric acid (0,5 M), ethanol, isopropanol, acetic acid (1%)
Moderately restistant: acetonitrile, glacial acetic acid, DMSO, phenol
Not resistant to: acetone, chloroform
This information can only used as an orientation aid for the suitable of the respective sealer, since their behaviour against chemicals depends on the respective application. Tests under practical conditions are absolutely essential in many cases.

Shelf life
If stored under proper conditions, product retains its performance and properties for two years from date of manufacture

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