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Fission Impossible: Non-hydrolyzable nucleotide analogs

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To study:

  • protein-protein interactions
  • structure and dynamics of protein-nucleotide-complexes
  • NTPase kinetics
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Crucial cellular processes such as transport, motion and division are orchestrated by a highly diverse set of regulatory phosphatases. To trap these enzymes in their various biologically relevant states, non-hydrolyzable analogs of nucleotides are ideally suited. Jena Bioscience has more than two decades of experience in the preparation of non-hydrolyzable nucleotides, supplying researchers with >50 catalog products (see Scheme 1) of this compound class. At the forefront of science1-10 it is our mission to facilitate your work on:

  • Identification of protein-protein interactions and enzyme substrates
  • Elucidation of structure and dynamics of protein-nucleotide-complexes
  • Kinetic analysis of nucleotide exchange reactions on NTPase

Non-hydrolyzable Nucleotide Kits Non-hydrolyzable Di-Nucleotides beta,gamma non-hydrolyzable Nucleotides alpha,beta non-hydrolyzable Nucleotides alpha-Phosphate modified Nucleotides beta-Phosphate modified Nucleotides gamma-Phosphate modified Nucleotides

Scheme 1: Overview of Jena Bioscience’s non-hydrolyzable nucleotides. Chemical resistance to hydrolysis can be achieved by replacing bridging oxygens for imido (-NH-) or methylene (-CH2-) moieties. Moreover, phosphorothioates show markedly reduced rates of hydrolysis compared to the corresponding phosphate analogues while preserving a high sterical similarity. (Please click the position of modification topic for ordering information.)

Recent research highlights applying Jena Bioscience’s non-hydrolyzable nucleotides


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[2] Wachtel et al. (2018) The protease GtgE from Salmonella exclusively targets inactive Rab GTPases. Nat. Commun. 9 (1):44.


GppNHp (Cat. No. NU-401)

  • Pulldown studies on GppNHp-bound Rab321
  • Preparation various NTP-loaded Rab proteins as substrates for a protease activity assay2

[3] Whitecross et al. (2017) Identification of the Binding Sites on Rab5 and p110beta Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase. Sci. Rep. 7 (1):16194.


GppCp (Cat. No. NU-402)

  • GST-pulldown studies using GppCp-loaded Rab5 or Rac1

[4] Bodnar et al. (2017) Molecular Mechanism of Substrate Processing by the Cdc48 ATPase Complex. Cell 169 (4):722.


ATPγS (Cat. No. NU-406)

  • Activity and crosslinking studies on the Cdc48 ATPase complex
Structure and Dynamics

[5] Parker et al. (2018) K-Ras Populates Conformational States Differently from Its Isoform H-Ras and Oncogenic Mutant K-RasG12D. Structure 26 (6):810.


Gpp15NHp (Custom Product)

  • NMR-Studies on Gpp15NHp-bound Ras

[6] Talavera et al. (2018) Phosphorylation decelerates conformational dynamics in bacterial translation elongation factors. Sci. Adv. 4 (3):eaap9714.


GppNHp (Cat. No. NU-401)

  • Observation of EF-Tu conformational dynamics spFRET

[7] Biancucci et al. (2018) The bacterial Ras/Rap1 site-specific endopeptidase RRSP cleaves Ras through an atypical mechanism to disrupt Ras-ERK signaling. Sci. Signal. 11 (550). pii: eaat8335.
[8] Lüningschrör et al. (2017) Plekhg5-regulated autophagy of synaptic vesicles reveals a pathogenic mechanism in motoneuron disease. Nat. Commun. 8 (1):678.


Mant-GppNHp (Cat. No. NU-207)

  • Nucleotide exchange assay on KRAS7
  • Stopped-flow measurements of nucleotide exchange8

[9] O'Donnell et al. (2017) Timing and Reset Mechanism of GTP Hydrolysis-Driven Conformational Changes of Atlastin. Structure 25 (7):997.


Mant-GTPγS (Cat. No. NU-209)

  • Kd-, kon- and koff- determination of Mant-GTPγS-binding to ATL GTPases by stopped flow

[10] Yu et al. (2018) Cryo-EM Structures of MDA5-dsRNA Filaments at Different Stages of ATP Hydrolysis. Mol. Cell. 72 (6):999.


Mant-AppNHp (Cat. No. NU-214)

  • Fluorescence polarization assay on the MAD5 ATPase

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