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Foam Dewars

The Standard Foam Dewar can hold 800 ml of liquid nitrogen. It has been designed to replace large glass dewars, because the foam has superior durability, safety, insulating properties.
The standard vessel shape is circular, with a protruding handle. Each dewar comes with a matching foam lid to insulate the contents from ambient air.
Dimensions of the cylindrical cavity in this vessel are 15 cm in diameter by 7 cm in depth.

The Small Foam Dewar has the same basic shape and features as the Standard Foam Dewar but a smaller diameter cavity . Dimensions of the cylindrical cavity are 11.5 cm in diameter by 7 cm in depth, easily holding 500 ml of cryogenic liquid.

The Large Foam Dewar is a slightly bigger version of the popular standard vessel. Dimensions of the cylindrical cavity in this vessel are 16 cm in diameter by 9.5 cm in depth, so that it easily holds 1400 ml of liquid nitrogen.

The Tall Foam Dewar was initially developed for short term storage of canes of protein crystallography samples. The tall vessel, like the standard vessel, offers excellent durability and safety. Its insulating properties are comparable to those of conventional stainless steel and glass Dewars, at a fraction of the cost.
This vessel has a 9 cm diameter cylindrical cavity, 32 cm deep, which gives it a capacity of 1800 ml liquid nitrogen.