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Cryogenic Refrigerators

The High Capacity (HC) Cryogenic Refrigerators from IC Biomedical are designed for long-term storage of biological material at liquid nitrogen temperature. Temperatures generally range between –196°C at the liquid surface, and –190°C at the canister top. Different models offer a variety of choices between sample storage capacity and holding time, while offering easier access to stored materials due to larger neck openings.

HC models feature:

  • Large storage capacity
  • Rugged Construction – ribbed high strength aluminum body and magneformed necktube design
  • Superior vacuum performance with superinsulation provides maximum holding times

Static Holding Days200130130
Working Time Days1258181
Evaporation Rate (liters/day)0,170,270,27
Liquid Nitrogen Capacity (liters)343535
Weight Empty (kg)16,117,717,2
Weight Full (kg)43,64645,5
Neck Diameter (mm)91119119
Overall Height (mm)668681681
Overall Diameter (mm)478478478
Number of Canisters6106
Canister Dimensions (mm)70 x 27967 x 27994 x 279

Nonsaleable to the US! Please contact IC Biomedical for distributor information.