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Nov 21, 2019
Mal in ein richtiges Unternehmen reinschnuppern?
Du studierst Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen, Wirtschaftsinformatik, Business Information Systems oder E-Commerce und willst nicht nur dröge Theorie büffeln, sondern schon einmal schauen, wie es im richtigen Leben läuft? Du willst Deine Kenntnisse und Fähigkeiten in einem interessanten Umfeld anwenden und schon als Studi etwas bewegen? Dann bist Du bei uns richtig!
Nov 13, 2019
Cryo-EM grids available
Single particle electron cryo-microscopy (cryo-EM) is a powerful technique to determine the structures of protein complexes down to atomic resolution. The sample is applied onto a holey carbon film and is then flash-frozen in liquid ethane. C-flat™ holey carbon films are superflat sample supports providing flat and even amorphous ice. And: they are in stock for immediate delivery! Learn more...
Nov 06, 2019
We sponsor iGEM winners!
Congratulations to the team from the Federal University of São Carlos - Brazil for the silver medal in the 2019 International Genetically Engineered Machine competition iGEM! We are glad to have had the possibility to support you on this remarkable achievement!
For iGEM team sponsoring, click here!
Nov 05, 2019
Northern Blots: 0.05 fmol detection limit with near-IR RNA Probes
Current near-IR fluorescent RNA probes use dye-labeled nucleotides with only moderate sensitivity. Use copper-free CLICK labeling for increased sensitivity. Learn more here!

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