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Price Reduction for qPCR & RT-qPCR Mixes


We succeeded in optimizing and expanding our production capacities over the last year and can finally pass this on to our customers by significantly reduced prices!

We now offer our broad selection of high-quality real-time PCR and RT real-time PCR reagents at even lower prices, including:

  • Standard Mixes for routine applications based either on TaqMan probes or on SYBR dye
  • Direct Mixes for robust amplification
  • Lyophilisates for convenient room temperature storage
Our master mixes contain everything required for qPCR and RT-qPCR in a well-balanced formulation, including antibody-inhibited hot-start polymerase and ultra-pure nucleotides.

Master mixes for routine applications are based on the detection with SYBR® Green (DNA intercalating dye), whereas Duplex and Multiplex mixes are based on dual labelled probes (TaqMan®) for highly specific detection of multiple targets at the same time.

From crude extract to quantitative analysis – this can be achieved fastest with our direct amplification product line, including an extraction buffer compatible to the subsequent qPCR reaction.

For further information please visit our Molecular Biology section or have a look into our Real-time PCR and RT Real-time PCR brochures.

Product Cat. No. Conc. Amount Old Price New Price
qPCR ProbesMaster PCR-360S 2x 2 x 1,25 ml (250 reactions x 20 μl) 154,50 € 139,00 €
qPCR SybrMaster PCR-372S 2x 2 x 1,25 ml (250 reactions x 20 μl) 154,50 € 139,00 €
SCRIPT RT-qPCR ProbesMaster PCR-512S 2x 2 x 1,25 ml (250 reactions x 20 µl) 447,90 € 305,70 €
SCRIPT RT-qPCR SybrMaster PCR-520S 2x 2 x 1,25 ml (2x conc.) 447,90 € 305,70 €

All kits are also available in 10 x 1.25 ml packs and as 100 ml fillings, with/without ROX and/or UNG.

You require bulk scale or are interested in customization?

Dr. Buerk Schaefer

Get in touch with us to receive a customized quote!