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Nourseothricin - Powder

NTC or clonNAT

powder (non-sterile)

Cat. No. Amount EUR / g Price (EUR) Buy / Note
AB-102L 1 g176,00 176,00 Add to Basket/Quote Add to Notepad
AB-102XL 5 g169,00 845,00 Add to Basket/Quote Add to Notepad
AB-102-25G 25 g147,60 3.690,00 Add to Basket/Quote Add to Notepad
AB-102-100G 100 g142,00 14.200,00 Add to Basket/Quote Add to Notepad

For research use only! Not intended for human or animal diagnostic or therapeutic uses.

Shipping: shipped at ambient temperature

Storage Conditions: store at 4 °C

Shelf Life: 36 months

Molecular Formula: C19H34O8N8 * H2SO4 (Streptothricin F)

Molecular Weight: 600 g/mol (Streptothricin F)

CAS#: 96736-11-7

Form: non-sterile beige powder

Streptothricin antibiotic Nourseothricin (NTC) for a broad spectrum of bacteria and other unicellular or complex organisms. Preferred selection antibiotic for genetically modified Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, yeast, filamentous fungi, protozoa, microalgae, plants and many more. Selection of recombinant strains is based on inactivation of NTC by mono-acetylation of ß-amino group of the ß-lysine by Nouresothricin N-acetyltransferase the product of the sat1 or nat1 genes.

For selection of recombinant Leishmania strains Nourseothricin (NTC) is added to growth medium to a final concentration of 100 μg/ml.

For selection of other species please refer to this document.

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