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Azide-containing (Desthio) Biotinylation Reagents

(Picolyl-) Azides of (desthio) biotinylation reagents can be used for the labeling of terminal Alkyne- and strained Alkyne (e.g. DBCO)-labeled biomolecules via Cu(I)-catalyzed Alknye-Azide (CUAAC) or Cu(I)-free strain-promoted Alkyne-Azide Click Chemistry (SPAAC) reaction, respectively.

A number of (desthio) biotinylation reagents with

  • different solubility characteristics (PEG-linker for increased molecule solubility)
  • different cleavability characteristics (chemically or photocleavable linker)
are available to fit specific application & molecule requirements.


Table 1: Available (Picolyl) Azide-containing (Desthio) Biotinylation Reagents

Label(Picolyl) Azide
Biotin with chemically cleavable linkerDiazo Biotin-Azide
Dde Biotin-Azide
Disulfide Biotin-Azide
DADPS Biotin-Azide
Biotin with photocleavable linkerPhotocleavable Biotin-Azide