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Nourseothricin (clonNAT): Antibiotic of choice for long-term cultivation

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Antibiotic instability is often a problem in long-term cultivation experiments. Nourseothricin entirely circumvents this problem. Learn more below.

Long-term cultivation experiments of recombinant organisms require a stable and reliable antibiotic. Nourseothricin (clonNAT) retains > 90 % activity after one week under cultivation conditions (Fig. 1) and can be used for over 100 species from all kingdoms of life.

Figure 1: Nourseothricin retains > 90% activity after incubation for one week and > 70% after four weeks

Figure 1: Nourseothricin retains > 90 % activity after incubation for one week and > 70 % after four weeks under cultivation conditions (BHI complex medium, 25 °C) and is thus the antibiotic of choice for prolonged cultivation periods.

Nourseothricin is available as powder or sterile ready-to-go stock solution.

Dr. Andreas Licht

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