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gDNA Removal Kit

Removal of contaminating genomic DNA from RNA

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gDNA Removal Kit removes at least 50 ng of gDNA in 10 μl reaction volume
gDNA Removal Kit removes at least 50 ng of gDNA in 10 μl reaction volume.

For general laboratory use.

Shipping: shipped on gel packs

Storage Conditions: store at -20 °C
avoid freeze/thaw cycles

Shelf Life: 12 months

gDNA Removal Kit is designed for removal of contaminating gDNA from RNA prior to reverse transcription. The kit is based on the recombinant heat labile dsDNase, which is irreversibly inactivated at moderate temperatures. This enables an inactivation step which is gentle enough to preserve both quality and quantity of all present RNA. Reverse Transcription can be performed in the same tube, thereby minimizing pipetting steps and reducing hands-on time. The protocol is recommended for removal of genomic DNA from RNA preparations prior to reverse transcription.

Complete removal of genomic DNA from RNA preps
Most techniques used for RNA isolation yield RNA with significant amounts of contaminating genomic DNA (gDNA), potentially resulting in false and inaccurate mRNA quantification. This is particularly a problem in the quantification of low-copy transcripts or small samples. The gDNA Removal Kit efficiently removes gDNA from RNA preps to levels below the detection limit of RT-qPCR (Figure).

gDNA Remover (red cap)
Heat-inactivatable dsDNase

Reaction Buffer (green cap)
10 x concentration

Perform the assay set-up as following:

component10 μl
20 μl
50 μl
10x Reaction Buffer1 μl2 μl5 μl
1 μl1 μl1 μl
your RNA preparation8 μl17 μl44 μl

- 10 min at 37°C or 20 min at 25°C
- 5 min at 58°C for inactivation of the enzyme

After completion of DNase treatment, reverse transcription reagents can be directly added to the tube containing the purified RNA sample.

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