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Goniometer Bases: Type B4

MiTeGen offers several base styles to meet all your needs. Unlike other available bases, the patent-pending designs tightly capture the MicroRT™ tubing to allow seamless room-temperature and low-temperature data collection.

Base style B4

  • Compatible with MicroRT™ capillaries for room temperature screening and crystal dehydration studies
  • Compatible with all crystal mounts/loops, including MicroMounts™, MicroLoops™, MicroGrippers™ and MicroMesh™
  • For use with all length rods

Type B4 is Mitegen's version of the IUCr standard "brass pin" style base, modified for use with MicroMounts™ and the MicroRT™ system. Unlike other 3 mm / 1/8" diameter bases, base B4 has a smaller diameter central hole to tightly capture the stainless steel pins of MicroMounts, and a 2 mm diameter extension to capture our MicroRT™ tubing. Use for both room temperature and cryocrystallography applications.

Nonsaleable to USA and Japan! Please contact MiTeGen for distributor information.