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cGAMPs: The Second Messengers you need

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cGAMPs are cyclic dinucleotides (CDNs) consisting of a 12-or-13-membered ring scaffold and two ribonucleotides. To date, two cGAMPs have been discovered in nature - 2‘,3‘-cGAMP[1] and 3‘,3‘-cGAMP[2].

→ cyclized from ATP and GTP by a cyclic GMP-AMP synthase
→ identified as a novel second messenger in metazoan[3]
→ triggers innate immune response in mammalian cells[4,5]
→ synthesized from ATP and GTP by a dinucleotide cyclase
→ crucial signaling molecule for regulating bacterial virulence[2]
→ triggers innate immune response in mammalian cells[6]

The important physiological roles played by cyclic dinucleotides sparked interest in:

  • how nucleotide-based second messengers regulate physiological processes
  • new research directed towards interruption of cyclic dinucleotide signaling
  • potential adjuvants for vaccine development
Compound Cat. No. Amount Price
2',3'-cGAMP NU-249S 1 µmol 96,43 €
NU-249L 5 x 1 µmol 385,70 €
3',3'-cGAMP NU-986S 1 µmol 96,43 €
NU-986L 5 x 1 µmol 385,70 €
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Dr. Thomas Waldbach

2‘,3‘-cGAMP and 3‘,3‘-cGAMP in stock at Jena Bioscience. Please email Thomas for other cyclic dinucleotide pairs or with technical questions!

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