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Particle Immuno Assay PIA-PINK-rabbit

Particle Immuno Assay

2nd IgG antibody nanoparticles for Immunoassay

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For general laboratory use.

Shipping: shipped at ambient temperature

Storage Conditions: store at 4 °C
store at ambient temperature
do not freeze

Shelf Life: 6 months

Form: liquid

The PIA-PINK staining solution is a nanoparticle of gold-conjugated anti-rabbit or anti-mouse 2nd antibodies. When the antigen-specific primary antibody (protein-specific primary antibody) is added by the user, the secondary antibodies nanoparticles bind to the freely accessible Fcγ-fragment of the user’s primary antibody. The resulting hybrid forms a signaling unit that accumulates on the target protein resulting in a permanently visible signal.

Sufficient for immunostaining of five membranes, max. 100 cm2 each. The primary antibody specific for the target protein is not supplied.
The staining solution PIA-PINK-Rabbit is composed of anti-rabbit IgG antibody (Fc fragment, polyconal, affinity purified, specific against the Fcγ fragment) conjugated with gold nanoparticles (Absmax 540 nm).

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