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Enzymes & Protein Markers

In our section Enzymes and Protein Markers, we introduce you to four key categories of products that are essentials for a wide range of molecular biology applications:

Restriction Enzymes - Presicion tools for genetic cuts. Our selection of classical restriction enzymes encompasses a wide range of specifities, making them essential for tasks like cloning, genotyping and DNA fingerprinting.

Modifying Enzymes - Crafting and cutting with presicion. Here we offer a selection of classical enzymes for molecular biology applications like Ligases, Kinases, Proteases, etc.

Recombinant Enzymes - Unleash the power of recombinant technology. In our small but diverse collection of recombinant enzymes, we want to especially highlight our Peptidases Legumain and Furin. Both interesting candidates for recent research projects.

Protein Markers - Unlocking presicion in protein analysis. Our selection of protein markers spans a spectrum of molecular weights, ensuring accurate size determination of your proteins.