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Tight budget, tight schedule? Do it with Direct PCR!

Direct qPCR and RT-qPCR Kits from Jena Bioscience save you time and money – just add our extraction buffer to your sample and use the extract directly with one of our Master Mixes for fast and robust DNA amplification. No time-consuming DNA extraction with a kit is needed!

Direct qPCR ProbesMaster

The Direct qPCR ProbesMaster is a master mix designed for the quantitative real-time analysis of DNA coming directly from blood, swabs, animal- or plant tissue.

The SCRIPT Direct RT-qPCR ProbesMaster allows for the highly sensitive and specific amplification of RNA coming from the above mentioned sources.

All kits ensure fast and easy preparation with a minimum of pipetting steps. The mixes contain all reagents required for (RT-)qPCR in a premixed 2x concentrated ready-to-use solution – just add your extracted template, primers and a dual-labeled fluorescent probe (e.g. TaqMan®) and you are ready to go.

Similar to our ProbesMaster mixes, the SCRIPT Direct RT-qPCR SybrMaster is a quantitative real-time RT-qPCR mix but based on the detection with SYBR® Green (DNA intercalating dye).

Product Cat. No. Amount / reactions Price
Direct qPCR ProbesMaster PCR-396S 2 x 1,25 ml (250 reactions x 20 µl) 173,70 €
PCR-396L 10 x 1,25 ml (1.250 reactions x 20 µl) 694,80 €
SCRIPT Direct RT-qPCR ProbesMaster PCR-528S 2 x 1,25 ml (250 reactions x 20 µl) 382,10 €
PCR-528L 10 x 1,25 ml (1250 reactions x 20 µl) 1.528,60 €
SCRIPT Direct RT-qPCR SybrMaster PCR-532S 2 x 1,25 ml (250 reactions x 20 µl) 382,10 €
PCR-532L 10 x 1,25 ml (1250 reactions x 20 µl) 1.528,60 €
All kits are also available with ROX and/or UNG (Realtime qPCR / RT-qPCR).

You require bulk scale or are interested in customization?

Dr. Buerk Schaefer

Get in touch with us at molbio@jenabioscience.com for your customized quote!