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Bulk Scale Virus RNA processing!

Meet Jena Bioscience! We give you 5 compelling reasons why Jena Bioscience is your reliable manufacturer & partner when it comes to reagents for purification and amplification of viral RNA!

1. We enable reproducible results:

Using Silica-membrane technology allows for efficient & stable extraction of concentrated viral RNA & DNA.

2. We provide what you need:

From the complete RT-qPCR master mix to the individual components (dNTPs, Reverse Transcriptases, Hot Start Polymerases), we supply you with the full package. Our RT-qPCR reagents are validated for Covid-19 testing and compatible to all common Real-Time PCR cyclers.

3. We make it happen:

Being an original manufacturer we adjust products according to your requirements & scales. We know our products like no other and enable communication with the product developing scientists. As we manufacture ourselves, it’s not by chance that we offer the most attractive prices.

4. We manufacture in Germany:

We develop, manufacture & perform quality controls in Germany using the latest technology & strictest requirements. We make an efficient team of highly skilled forces ready to assist you.

5. We ship around the globe:

We serve clients and ship to the most isolated regions of the world, in total more than 100 countries. Talk to us, we’ll be glad to assist with our more than 20 years of experience.

Questions or inquiries?

Dr. Buerk Schaefer

E-Mail Dr. Buerk Schaefer for service inquiries or further information: pcr@jenabioscience.com