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FORMOscreen®: The best FDA/EMA-approved formulations for your antibody

Developed by 2bind

The FORMOscreen® is designed to quickly and simply identify the most suitable buffer for any antibody. The screen contains 96 carefully selected buffers from FDA/EMA-approved formulations of therapeutic antibodies. It comes in a deep well block with 230 µl of a 5-fold stock of each buffer and thus allows for screening with high-throughput methods such as DSF and nanoDSF, or with any other method of choice, e.g. DSC, DLS, LC-MS, SEC-HPLC or ELISA.

Depending on the chosen method, the FORMOscreen® provides important buffer-dependence data for antibody aggregation propensity, chemical and thermal stability, long-term storage stability, forced-degradation resistance, as well as biochemical activity and antigen-binding.

In addition, the FORMOscreen® works also great with non-antibody proteins and can tell important information on their stability, aggregation, and activity behavior in different buffers.

Design and Features

  • 96 buffer conditions from FDA/EMA-approved therapeutic antibody formulations
  • Ready-to-use 5-fold buffer stocks, 230 µl each
  • Covers the most widely applied formulation range of pH, buffer substances/concentrations, ionic strength, sugars, amino acids and detergents


  • All buffer conditions have been approved for use in antibody formulations by regulatory authorities
  • All buffer conditions have already proven to be beneficial for stability and integrity of antibodies and their derivatives in final formulations
  • Ready-to-use, concentrated buffer stock format enables application with almost any analytical method and at almost any protein concentration
  • Works also great with non-antibody proteins

Application example

NanoDSF thermal melting of two antibodies in the 96 FORMOscreen® conditions result in melting temperatures between 46.7 and 68.4 °C for mAb 1 and 57.2 and 80.4 °C for mAb 2. The upper panels show the raw fluorescence signal (350/330 nm ratio); the lower panels show the first derivative curves[1].

Questions or inquiries?

Christin Reuter

E-mail Christin for technical inquiries or further information: xtals@jenabioscience.com