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LEXSY in vitro translation: High yield, low cost

The Leishmania tarentolae based LEXSY in vitro expression system offers protein yields of up to 300 µg/ml of reaction volume and is with € 2.60 per reaction the most economic system on the market.

LEXSY in vitro is well suited for expressing membrane proteins[1] and expresses large proteins reliably: All six subunits of the HOPS and CORVET membrane tethering complexes – in total 600 kDa – have been expressed and successfully reconstituted using LEXSY in vitro (Fig. 1)[2].

Figure 1: All subunits of the HOPS membrane tethering complex have been expressed as GFP fusions with LEXSY in vitro translation extract, some of them as large as 140 kDa. From Guo et al., 2013[2].

Dr. Andreas Licht

Need further information? Please check out the LEXSY section or contact Andreas by email at lexsy@jenabioscience.com !


[1] Ruehrer et al. (2013) Exploiting Leishmania tarentolae cell-free extracts for the synthesis of human solute carriers. Mol. Membr. Biol. 30:288.
[2] Guo et al. (2013) Subunit organisation of in vitro reconstituted HOPS and CORVET multisubunit membrane tethering complexes. PLoS One 8:e81534.